and yet i rise

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you may drain me of my lifeblood
you may chain me to a tree
use a thousand knives and needles
in the name of discovery
and after rendering me sightless
it's still you who cannot see
past your bottom line, your cause almighty

and yet i rise...
rise like the morning sun
i rise...
rise to love again
like the phoenix from the ashes
like a renaissance of one
hundred million of us
rise to love again

i was born to live a simple life
something you'll never know
but deep inside down in a place
you rarely ever go
is a spark of synchronicity
calling you, although
you won't see it, 'cause it's better not to know

it's better not to know
the pain that you've inflicted
it's better not to know
the legions you have downed
we're a nation of survivors
though we're falling to the ground
when you hear the thund'rous silence
won't you turn your heart around

© renessance, 2007

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