not born to die

not born to die   •   and yet i rise   •   day of the eagle   •   wild horse annie

friends, this is where i will put my music for animals.
everything's a work in progress, from the music itself to the web interface.


free screening of earthlings in los angeles, oct. 29, 2008 (click image):


why we should not use plastic bags


video: a life connected




yes on prop 2!

this november vote YES ON PROP 2!!


check out:


tigers need your help!

eagle & condor meet sir eddy!and piñita!aquarium page i'm working on


>>what's behind the songs<<



the humane society has released a video about
millions of animals overlooked in our country.
please take 5 minutes to watch it (click on the cows).
change an animal's life and your own.


lots more videos from farm sanctuary